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How in embrassing

5 Maret 2012, Senin

Suck feeling… i don’t want to feel this.

Apa yang terjadi kalau kamu mencintai seseorang yang tidak boleh kamu cintai? Maksudnya adalah mencintai lawan jenis, yang statusnya : “ALWAYS WITH REALTIONSHIPS WITH GOD”. Do you know what i mean?

Just tell me what’s that?




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(PICTURES) 110602 X-5 Me2day Update : Sulhu Maknae

Sulhu change hair with gray colour!

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(PICTURES) 110531 X-5 Me2day Update

Leader Ghun

Ghun, but don't know who is back him..

Sulhu, Taefung, Ghun, Haewon, and Zin


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(PICTURES) 110527 & 110529 X-5 Me2day Update : Haewon and Taefung

110527 Haewon with V pose 😀

110529 Taefung is My Fungie for me.. Hehe

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(PICTURES) 110525 & 110526 X-5 me2day update : Ghun and Taefung :3

(110525) Ghun with Xenos Album of X-5

Taefung (my Typhoon) :3

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(PICTURES) 110523 X-5 Me2day Update : X-5 and B2ast @ Music Bank !!

When i back in X5 me2day, i can't found this pict again =,o #confusing#

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(PICTURE) 110522 X-5 Me2day Update (Taefung)


(OMG!! Starring… Starringg.. He looks like Leeteuk oppa – SUJU, i think.. Do u agree?)

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(PICTURES) 110519 X-5 Me2day Update (Ghun and Taefung)

Ghun (Leader)


OMG… I can’t move my eyes from My Typhoon/Taefung!!! My lovely dongsaeng!!

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(PICT) 110514 X-5 Me2day Update


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(PICT) X-5 ‘s Pictures for Inkigayo Magazine

Leader GhunHaewonTaefung - is my bias XDZinSulhu

Source : minright @tumblr

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